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North Gaia is the most up-to-date EC site located in this region

Apr 24

North Gaia EC is located only two minutes from Junction 9 that gives residents the option of dining in the food court, as well as the outlet retailers and the supermarket. The development will be spread over the site that is 21,518.8 acres. It will comprise 617 houses. It is situated approximately 1.2 kilometers from the town's central zone. It's located exactly on exactly the same site that Yishun North-South Line Station and Yishun Bus Terminal are located.

Yishun MRT operates trains that operate between the south and north. It is linked with Jurong East Interchange and Marina Bay. Schools are easy to access as well as Yishun Primary School Chongfu School which is in the situation that of Ahmad Ibrahim primary school. North Gaia Executive Condo is located close to several workplaces which include those at the Yusun Bizhub The Woodlands Regional Centre as in addition to The Seletar Aerospace Hub and Yishun Industrial Park.

The sense of luxury and comfort is evident every time you step into your beautiful house. The natural lighting that fills the room will be captured in reflections which reflect off your walls , and bounce back from wall to wall making the illusion of a vast and airy space. The beautiful house will reflect your admiration for the most beautiful objects you're capable of experiencing.

North Gaia EC are a set of two units that were precisely built and designed with two bedrooms and huge spaces. Luxury apartments and huge three-bedroom houses that are referred to as penthouses that are luxurious.

The word that is used to describe the interiors of the homes that are located North Gaia EC is luxurious. As you enter the living areas you'll be able to imagine a peaceful town that has evolved to fit the current lifestyle fashion.

Relax and enjoy a meal with your family, friends, family and friends in the peaceful and tranquil space of the barbeque and dining pavilions. They are themed gardens. You can take a swimming pool dip while you enjoy a tasty dinner that suits your tastes. Additionally, you can enjoy taking in the beautiful urban landscapes. It is the classic dining experience you can have sitting at the tables. Keep your body and mind engaged by swimming into one of the many pools. Take a bath and soothe your mind and body.

North Gaia EC is located within the limits of Yishun town, which is located about two kilometers away from Yishun MRT station. It's the most current EC site situated in this region . It's been under the direction of the GLS since 2014. The most recent version included The Criterion (completed 2018) and Signature at Yishun (completed in 2017) There's a high likelihood that the site won't be capable of attracting sufficient applicants.

The development follows the successful completion in Symphony Suites (completed by the close of the year 2018.) that was sold at the price of 1118 sq feet beginning in 2021. Its construction is scheduled to begin once the project is complete. Nine Residences is a part of the mixed-use development that includes residential and retail properties located on Avenue 9 that is also known as its name Yishun. Avenue 9 was completed in 2015. The project was finished in in the year 2015. property was purchased for S$1,167 per square foot . 2021.

North Gaia EC have everything you need, from the elementary school's connection and shopping centers, in addition to being an open-air community center with parks close by, in addition to other amenities. North Gaia EC is just five minutes away from Junction 9 which is a neighbourhood mall with the Sheng Siong store. There are several stores for clothing and food as well as numerous other stores.

Use the tools created to enhance the mental and physical well-being of your guests. You can guarantee total peace. Your guests will enjoy the tranquility of traveling and have the satisfaction that comes with having the space they've always dreamed of.